Creating your Research Questions

How do you write your Research Questions? How do you set up a survey that is as short as possible and still get all the necessary data?

Are your research questions easy to answer? If your ‘questions’ are very difficul, you will get stuck in your thesis later on. Many of my students have told me during the analysis of SPSS/STATA/R part: if only I had come to tutoring earlier, it would have been a lot easier for me now. A good start is half the work!

Analysing your data

After colleting your data you have to start your analysis. Maybe you worked with SPSS / STATA / R a long time ago but don’t remember much of it. No worries! We can do the SPSS / STATA / R part of your thesis together. The emphasis is on together because you have to defend your thesis yourself, I can’t do that for you.

Don’t panic, with my easy explanation, statistics is easier than you think! We record the lesson and I also have handy tools so that you can check exactly what we have done at home. (see the print screen below)

Hours needed

From my experience 2 hours should be enough for the main analysis.

This includes: explaining what we did, and explaining how to write everything in APA style.

Sometimes we need extra time to prepare the data. Think about calculating new variables.

This data preparation process could take an aditional hour.

Last, in 20% of the cases the supervisor wants some changes/ additions to what we did so far. In that case you have to come back for half an hour to finish the job.

Example of notes you will receive

A tutor that makes notes for you! That is TutorTon. All the analysis in APA style and might you need to run an analysis again, within the notes you can easily repeat the analysis and make the changes yourself.

Furthermore, you do not need to understand the entire output. Of course you have to know what to write down. Output always looks the same, only the numbers differ. See which colors go together and write down those values.