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Worldwide Experience


While I was studying myself in Tilburg I was already teaching. I know all Mathematical and Statistical subjects of Tilburg University by heart. Please contact us and I will help you pass your subjects


After Tilburg we started teaching at the Utrecht University. Do you have problems with Statistics, Mathematics or writing your thesis? Please contact us!


Are you studying at the VU (Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam?. Or at the UVA (University of Amsterdam)?  We are here to help you with Mathematics, Statistics or your Thesis (SPSS, Stata, R)

Different City?

Do you need help with Statistics for the Radboud University in Nijmegen? Do you need to write a thesis for the Erasmus University in Rotterdam? Do you need help with SPSS/ STATA or R for the Groningen University? We are here to help. Please contact us!

Also for other universities around the world! We already helped students pass their thesis in Switzerland, Germany, United States and Japan.